How can weather forecasting contribute to climate resilience in West Africa?

How can weather forecasting contribute to climate resilience in West Africa?

Weather forecasting recurrence of climate change to human beings is a well-understood phenomenon, since ancient times. In recent decades the severity of hydro metrological events has been amplified and thus weather reports should be shared with local people in all regions. Understanding and management of bearings due to climate change is a global challenge and is of utmost concern in the zones where poverty is high. 

National weather service should also be improved to provide detailed information about the weather tomorrow, the weather today, local weather, forecast, weather update, 10-day forecast, weather hourly, current weather, the weather this week, and live weather. 

Need of Weather Forecasting and Climate Change Scenarios 

At present, there is mounting menace related to disaster accompanying meteorological conditions and climate change and climate change resilience. Different weather forecasting models are being used to improve crop protection and production but the dissemination of the right information to the farmers is a major issue in West Africa and other poor areas of the world.

Importance of local weather radar, tropical storm hurricane forecast, long-range weather forecast, local weather forecast, snowstorm weather forecast, NOAA weather forecast, severe weather outlook, BOM weather radar, weather channel radar, weather tropical storms Atlantic, long term weather forecast, national weather service radar, extended weather forecast, thunderstorms weather forecast, and hour by hour weather can never be denied for sustainable agriculture. 

Threats to Africa due to Climate Change 

Serious threats are being executed on Africa due to discrepancies in climate, and it is appraised as a “vulnerable climate continent”. Owing to the over-reliance of communities on natural resources a momentous intensification in temperature, vicissitudes in rainfall patterns, augmented intensity, and incidence of rainfall events have been delineated in West Africa. The African continent is very vulnerable to droughts and therefore it is at the edge of destruction due to climate change and extreme weather events. 

Requirement of Target Oriented Strategies for Weather Forecasting 

Due to negligence and less attention to preclusion and adaptation strategies, underprivileged communities are languishing. The history of weather forecasting is not that old but it has a huge role to improve food production, food safety, and prevailing environmental conditions.

While, use of climate resilience screening index maps, and climate resilience strategies can greatly improve the socio-economic conditions and production potential of cropping systems. A system like the US climate resilience toolkit, climate resilience toolkit, climate change resilience and adaptation, climate change, and urban resilience must be followed for West Africa, developing and underdeveloped countries. 

TNC resilience and connected landscapes, community resilience climate change, adaptation and resilience to climate change, climate change adaptation mitigation and resilience, community resilience to climate change, building resilience against climate effects, increasing resilience to climate change, science mitigation and building resilience, building resilience to climate change, Asian cities climate change resilience network can actually transform the concept of food security and agricultural sustainability. 

Catastrophes in Africa 

There have been many natural catastrophes in Africa, in the last decade that has occasioned more than 880,000 causalities, and more than 460 million individuals are exaggerated. 90% of these calamities, occurred due to vagaries in meteorological and climate conditions.

Due to pre-existing environmental, corporeal, and socio-economic characters, the susceptibility of this county to extreme events such as tempests, flooding, and famines is more intense and recurrent.

Benefits of Weather Forecasting Services 

While the services of weather forecasting can significantly improve the readiness of farmers and other people to protect and fight against extreme weather events. For example, the European center for medium-range weather forecasting, and use of weather forecasting stone, weather forecasting apps, NOAA weather forecasting, and weather forecasting glass has greatly improved the socio-economic conditions of their people.

Changing Climate as Chronic Crisis 

The changing climate is a top peril aspect for severe and chronic crises in food and sustenance and is posturing unadorned consequences to the poor communities in West Africa. To encounter the issues related to climate change, African countries inevitably have to scale up the adaptations, resilience measures, resilience, and adaptation, climate change resilience, climate change resilience and adaptation, climate change and resilience, resilience against climate change, and climate change and urban resilience. 

Proactive and initial regulations and resilience actions are considerably substantial and cost-effective than addressing the perilous impacts after occurring of doomed events, climate change in the community, climate change, global warming, consequences of global warming on wildlife, meat industry climate change, industrial revolution climate change, effects of climate change on extreme weather events, and livestock greenhouse gas emissions. Moreover, efforts should also be made for tackling climate change with machine learning. Also Like:  Genetic engineering

Spending Early to Prevent Spending for Tragedy Response 

According to the statement of Rachel Kyte, the vice president of the world bank for sustainable development, there is a lot that we can do, and we must do to diminish the lethal influences of global warming issues, challenges of climate change, climate change adaptation, human-induced climate change, biggest world issues, and adversities.

For example, if we spend one dollar for early cautioning to make the public cognizant, it will save up to 35$ in tragedy response and dealing with tragedy. So, measures and preventive actions, based on weather forecasting can save numerous lives. Resources for educators must also be provided to deal with climate change and weather extremities. 

Bearings and Effect of Climate Change

Undeniably, climate change is occurring, the evidence is also piling up, and people should be well alert of its bearings. Resilience or building resilience is one of the conducts to contemplate how to cope with climate change. In terms of changing the climate, resilience is about strengthening the abilities of non-human and human systems to retort and endure the changes in the environment. Resilience and wellbeing are strongly interrelated and therefore proper attention should be given to resilience building for agricultural sustainability. 

Resilience Building to Climate Change 

Resilience building is considered as a connection between adaptation tactics and extenuation approaches, and this is the capacity to convalesce from difficulties swiftly. Building up climate resilience will deliver considerable benefits. To build climate resilience, the recognition of potentially hazardous events such as extreme weather is significant.

Climate Resilience in West Africa 

Weather forecasting can pay a substantial contribution to improving climate resilience in West Africa. This area is facing an amalgamation of challenges, more than any other region. The lack of regional cooperation and political stability, and less access to new technologies, are hindering the development of resilience building, resilient agriculture, national innovations on climate-resilient agriculture, and resilience in agriculture. 

Utmost importance should be given to use resilient agricultural system examples, national innovations in climate-resilient agriculture, farm resilience, resilient agricultural systems, modern technology for climate-resilient agriculture, and climate-resilient technologies in agriculture. 

Complications Associated with Climate Change and Weather Forecasting 

Virtually the complications are getting more unadorned due to climate change. Taken as a whole weather service encompassing effective collection, analysis, and distribution of weather and climate information will issue the early warnings.

For this purpose more focus is required for the early warning system, famine early warning system network, disaster warning system, natural disaster early warning system, global early warning system, an early warning system for floods, by providing information about early warning signs of disaster and early warning detection.  With the provision of better information on extreme weather events, people can protect their properties and will create long-term plans for the future.

Climate Variation 

Climate variation impedes the upgrading of maintenances of destitute individuals across African countries. By the provision of foundational and fundamental knowledge about the resident climate, it will support a wide range of resilience-building interventions. Also, it will be providing an upright podium for the adoption of climate-smart interventions.

Climate variation is a fact and its happening and patterns can be understood by learning about annual temperature variation, earth orbital changes, and climate change, orbital changes and climate, variations in the climate, natural climate variation, sea level variation,  and global temperature variation. 

Climate Services and Weather Forecasting 

Climate services have a crucial role in the sustenance of communities as by primary cautionary system is beneficial for various sectors including nutriment and cultivation, stake safekeeping, surface transference, renewable energy, aquatic possession, and aviation.

The use of accurate information provided by the weather forecasting system will be used by the people to take early precautionary measures to avoid losses and to minimalize the risk allied with the perils of disaster.

Dissemination of Climate and Weather Information 

Dissemination of climate information should be prioritized in the decision-making processes of Non-Governmental organizations (NGO’s) and governmental organizations. These organizations have a significant role to raise consciousness in communities about the glitches being faced and their probable solutions.

Climate Disperancy in West Africa 

As climate discrepancy is the major cause of disaster in West Africa so, the well-being of societies in this area is strappingly linked to their capabilities to manage the dangers associated with the changing climate. Accurate procurement and analysis of climate data, its interpretation, then the broadcasting of weather forecasting information to the beleaguered local civic is a sustainable approach for the development of climate resilience.

Owing to climate change, people in Africa are coping with increasing temperatures. In Western Africa, there have been some initiatives related to the study of adverse effects of climate change, but still, there is an exigent need for technical resources, capacity building, and collaborative efforts to discourse the present and future issues, related to climate change.

Leading efforts are required for the protection of climate change and biodiversity, biodiversity and climate change, with the help of climate change scientists, global warming scientists, global warming literature, climate change consensus, climate change newspaper articles, scientific papers on climate change, global warming scientific article, global warming expert and climate change denial scientists. 

Efficient Weather Forecasting Systems 

The use of an efficient weather forecasting system will boost up the capacity for providing early warnings for hazardous weather events. Due to modern progressions in weather forecasting and hazard management related to disasters, people are better prepared to confront these unfortunate events. A Smart system of early cautioning has the potential to increase resilience to the short-term climate discrepancies, and it can buffer against the negative influences of climate change.

Weather Forecasting and Precision Agriculture 

Weather forecasting is indispensable for precision agriculture, precision farming, smart agriculture, precision agriculture companies, GPS farming, Topcon precision agriculture, precision farming technologies, precision agriculture technologies, digital farming solutions, precision agronomy, precision cultivation, precision agriculture for sustainability, smart agriculture technologies, and smart precision farming for selecting the irrigation schedule for crops, for the timing of fertilizers and pesticide application, for pest management and disease control and to check the available days for field workability.

Weather forecasting about the starts and squalls of showers in West Africa will help the agriculturalists for sowing and reaping crops at the appropriate time. Furthermore, it will help the growers to be vigilant as the risk of fungal pathogens is associated with airstreams and rains. These problems can be greatly minimized by the use of smart farming and precision agriculture, geospatial agriculture, Bayer precision agriculture, precision farming app, precision agriculture and smart farming, hunter precision agriculture, farm profits and adoption of precision agriculture, and GPS in precision agriculture. 

Saving Resowing Costs 

It will save the cost of labor and inputs engaged with re-sowing. Also, rain and wind are not advantageous for pesticide and fertilizer application as they will wash away all the applied chemicals. So, the information about clear, windy, and rainy days will help growers to decide the working days in the field. This is all possible by the adoption of precision agriculture and smart farming and weather forecasting services. 

Weather Forecasting and Food Security 

Weather forecasting, significantly contribute to the sanctuary and security of people and it figures climate resilience by providing early warnings for proactive safety and counteractive measures. In developed countries, climate services and weather forecasting has been endorsed as a valuable tool concerning resilience building activities. It is also feasible from an economic perspective as it reduces the losses.

The main persistence to build climate resilience is to curtail the apprehensions associated with climate change. The fact is becoming increasingly emergent that by the provision of user-friendly and context-specific weather forecasting, climate resilience will be established by the management of trade-offs between communities and their needs. 

Weather Forecasting Awareness 

The awareness about the importance of weather forecasting and the threats due to climate change should be upstretched in public. Climate factors should be mainstreamed into economic and developmental planning at regional and national levels.

The connection between climate information providers (by weather forecasting system) and users is almost non-existent and weak. It has momentous insinuations in the context of humanitarian response and development. There should be a sturdy collaboration between climate service providers, policymakers, practitioners, and sectoral experts.

Role of NGOs for Weather Forecasting 

NGOs can play a significant protagonist to augment the positive influence of climate information amenities at local level resilience. Their work with local communities and users can advance the usability of weather by interpreting in a local format that is more reachable by communities.

The information about weather forecasting disseminate by NGOs will be tremendously useful for farmers, educators, and planners. Traditional leaders ought to be empowered to assisting the conservation of resources for suffering populations. 

Effective Coordination to Minimize the Gaps for Weather Forecasting 

At present, coordination is a key challenge in the delivery of weather forecasting and climate services in West Africa. Coordination will help to bridge the knowledge gaps, by raising the potential impacts of the interventions and raise the level of understandings.

Investment, infrastructure, and institutional capacity related to weather forecasting are direly in need of the attention of policymakers for teamwork. So, to assist people, to adapt to varying weather conditions, the alliance between government, stakeholders, private sectors (civil society), influencers, policymakers, climate change scientists, global warming scientists, global warming thoughts, global warming petition, expert opinion on global warming, global warming support, support for climate change, global warming background, and developmental partners is much needed to develop climate-smart interventions.

Decision-makers and government institutions in West Africa should take serious measures to take benefit from scientific weather forecasting technology to build climate resilience. Whereas climate change opinions, global warming study, the science behind climate change, scientific facts about climate change, global warming papers, climate change scientific evidence, and current environmental issues must be discussed with due attention to resolve the problem on a sustainable basis. Also Like: Synthetic Chemical Pesticides for Effective Pest Control

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