Significance of Cyber Security Measures

Significance of Cyber Security Measures

Cyber security measures and information security have a great impact to protect our privacies and provide us a secure life. We are living in a global village where Cyber Security measures have very important and everyone’s needs. Many hackers are spreading fake links and applications are stealing our data and information. 

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Cyber Security Measures for Fearless Life 

Cyber security measures provide us fearless life but the threat is also available in the form of legal approval of mobile mice and storage through fake applications. Cyber experts are taking a lot of steps to stop these threats.  There are huge investments to solve these problems in Pakistan and all other countries.  Also Like:  Genetic engineering

Cybersecurity management systems, security policies and procedures, cyber security management systems, mobile data security, application security policy, security information event management, are significantly helpful to reduce data security threats. Moreover, password management policy, information security and cyber security, smarsh email encryption, secure encrypted email, security awareness policy, and information security incident management are greatly helpful to reduce different types of online threats. 

Cyber Security Measures of Pakistan 

There is a good need to improve cyber security and information security measures in developing countries.  But the government of Pakistan and other security departments are still working to make Pakistan strong and secure by implementing cyber security measures. 

Application security assessment, types of database security, information security tools, proofpoint email encryption, security services in information security, security of data, data security technologies, security incident and event management are crucially important to achieve security measures on sustainable basis. 

Minimized Hacking 

According to digitally, Pakistan had a dark past after the 9/11 attacks in America but now our future is very bright and bright. Our universities are teaching skills and spreading cyber education. Cyber experts are taking brilliant steps to stop hacking and securing our data from illegal usage.

Especially FIA (Federal Investigation Agency), PTA (Pakistan Telecom Authority), and other intelligence agencies are securing our data and stopping criminals and hackers. Many websites and accounts of Pakistan’s departments were hacked in the past by Indian hackers and recovered by intelligence agencies but now we have the courage and skills to stop these hackers and enemies.

Security operations center best practices, DES data encryption standard, computer security certifications, o365 Email encryption, and 27001 certifications are essentially helpful to reduce and manage the types of attacks in cyber security and information security. 

Role of Intelligence Agencies and Cyber Security Measures 

At that time our intelligence agencies are very sharp and skillful to stop these threats and reveal them. They are securing and protecting our information from hidden enemies digitally and they are taking a lot of steps to stop fake links and applications and deleting them.

Secret intelligence services by a defense intelligence agency and national intelligence agencies can greatly reduce the threats to the country by multiple times. National intelligence, national security intelligence, federal intelligence service, and private intelligence agencies are important parts of all nations and countries and are directly playing a good role in the development. 

Youngest Cyber Security Expert 

Roma Saiyidian is the world’s youngest Cyber Security Expert and she belongs to Pakistan. Many other students are teaching skills on how to stop hacking and protecting their data and personal information. According to FIA (Federal Investigation Agency), they said that they registered 255 cases belonging to cyber-crime and 209 criminals were arrested by the armed forces of Pakistan with a successful ratio of 81.56%. 

Famous cybersecurity experts, female cybersecurity experts, internet security experts, data security experts, cybercrime expert, cybersecurity expertise, cybersecurity forensic expert are critically important for societies. Therefore cybersecurity and information security degrees must be offered in national institutions. 

Electronic Crime Act (PECA) 

Electronic Crime Act (PECA) 2016 was charged on them and they were sent to jail. The Pakistan government is doing a lot of work to reduce the ratio of cyber crimes and spreading social awareness of cybercrimes because they want to protect and secure their citizen’s data and information from hackers. Also Like: Synthetic Chemical Pesticides for Effective Pest Control

Requirements for More Investment and Attention 

If the government of Pakistan does more investment in Cyber Security and Information Security and starts courses of Cyber Security in every college and university we can make a cyber-crime-free country but it requires a lot of time to do this.

Cyber security is not taking huge investment but it is also giving us a peaceful country in return we can say that Cyber Security is protecting our data, information, and country shoulder to shoulder with our armed forces.

Role of Pakistan’s Armed Forces 

 In the past 20 years, Pakistan armed forces not only fought with terrorists bravely to make Pakistan Borderline secure rather they also fought to make Pakistan digitized secure and strong through Cyber Security and Information Security.

They bear a huge loss against fighting with hidden enemies also known as hackers because Cyber Security measures and Information Security take a lot of IT budget. Cyber Security is protecting our health system, education system, aviation system, industrial system, and especially our stock exchange.

Protection of Aviation System by Cyber Security Measures 

Our Pakistan Air Force (PAF) is protecting its aviation system, radar system, wireless commands to pilot, and other boing planes through Cyber Security. If a hacker pastes some virus in someone’s businessman’s computer he can do anything with his computer virus can slow down the work rate of the computer and damage other files. This can cause your business to a standstill and destroy your employee’s data and information, so we can protect our business with the help of Cyber Security measures. 

Protecting and Securing Business by Cyber Security Measures 

If you can protect and secure your business against all kinds of cyber threats your business can enhance the trust in your clients and customers and your wealth can be increased automatically in Pakistan. Sometimes companies demanded the personal information of customers and clients for their promotions of new things and information hacked and stolen by hackers and their sales rate is reduced and trust of customers gone due to less security of networking.

They take a huge loss in business due to the very small negligence of Cyber Security. We can’t count the benefits of Cyber Security and Information Security in business because they are infinite. 

Cybercrime as Second Most Economic Crime 

According to the survey, cybercrime is the second most economic crime in the world so we can see and say that Cyber Security is a very growing industry in the world economically and technically. Cyber Security is also helping us to stop crimes and criminals.

Tracking Criminals by Cyber Security Measures 

Our Security departments are tracking criminals and stopping them to do bad works. In the future, wars will be fought through computers and robots. Which country will have better links to Cyber Security he will be the king of the whole world so, we can analyze the importance and wellness of Cyber Security. Cyber Security is also improving and growing our business continuity management.

Digitilization of Departments 

At that time Pakistan is going too digitalized in every field of life and all the departments. Our Land Record Department is now digitalized and they are going to facilitate all the citizens of Pakistan to see their land record at home instead of standing in the lines.

Land Record Protection 

They also protecting and secure data and land records through Cyber Security. If someone needs more deeply information he should go to any land record center and the whole information related to his land and property will be in his hand in few minutes this is all done due to better networking between head office and sub-office. The whole networking between the head office and sub-office of the Land Record Department is protected by Cyber Security.

Protection of Health Care System 

Cyber Security is also protecting and securing our healthcare system in Pakistan. In today’s life, our hospitals are sharing information about patients to save time for hospital staff and patients. This is due to the excellent networking of hospitals and computers and this network is secured by Cyber Security.

When the data and information of hospital staff and patients were hacked and stolen by hackers then it can damage the image and reputation of the hospital. So, we can say that digital security is very necessary for hospitals. Cyber Security is saving a lot of money from hospitals.

Hospitals are sharing information about patients among other healthcare entries without any threat and trouble. The curing of patients is now faster due to easily sharing of hospitals among others. Moreover, it can also help to improve food security and food production. For more information about food security please read

Cyber Security Measures and Artificial Intelligence 

Cyber Security is also protecting our Artificial Intelligence Departments. Cyber Security is protecting our robots and other artificial intelligence machines. If we do not use digital security in our robots and artificial intelligence machines someone can easily hack and do anything with their coding and commands. They can be hacked easily and destroy our expensive materials. So, it is very important to secure these devices.

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