Liebig’s Law of Minimum for Nutrition Management of Plants

Liebig’s Law of Minimum for Nutrition Management of Plants

Liebig’s law of minimum was stated by Just Won Liebig and is used to explain that yield of crops or the growth and development of plants is affected by the limiting nutrient. There is nothing specific about the kind of nutrient and any limiting nutrient in a less amount can affect the growth of plants and crops. Just Won Liebig was a chemist and belonged to Germany and spent many years of their life studying organic chemistry.

He published about agriculture chemistry in 1840 and worked specifically for now what is being known as biochemistry in 1838. He was awarded a scholarship in 1950 and was able to study the significance of Carl Sprengel (1787-1859), a German agronomist who did pioneer research about agriculture chemistry. He was the main person behind the formulation of the law of minimum and disapproving of the humus theory. His work has also been appreciated by researchers at plant based nutrition conference.

Research Contribution of Liebig

Humus theory was debunked by Liebig and he made scientific studies for requirements of mineral elements by the plants from the soil. He further stated that plants receive carbon from carbon dioxide found in the air and oxygen and hydrogen from water. He was also of the point that plants also receive the major level of nitrogen contents from the air. Later on, scientific studies have proven that only legume plants can utilize nitrogen from the air due to rhizobium bacteria. His research contribution has completely transformed the concept of soil science and plant nutrition.

Liebig’s Law of Minimum and Soil Fertility

It can be inferred from this law that when these deficient nutrients are supplied an improvement in the yield can be observed. This nutrient must be supplied by an external source to improve the growth of plants. Liebig has made a significant contribution to the soil fertility and plant nutrition sciences. Practical experience of the farmers working in the manuring fields for the improvement of soil fertility and food quality and many chemists were of the point that principle of vegetation for the plant growth was organic. They considered that these nutrients were not mineral in nature by organic. Students and readers can look for this law to select the correct statement(s) about plant nutrition. Similar Physiology of Nutrients Accumulation and Factors Affecting

Benefits of Liebig’s Law of Minimum

According to this law, the growth of plants will not be increasing by the continuous increase of the supplies of specific nutrients. But the growth of plants can only be improved by increasing the level of a nutrient that is present in the deficient or minimal amount and is further required for crop growth. This law is essentially helpful to change the mindset and concept of farmers who are willing to use the same nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers even when their prices are very high. Moreover, it can also help farmers to get plant-based nutrition certificates.

Nutritional Management and Liebig’s Law of Minimum

Liebig’s Law of the minimum is of significant importance for the nutritional management of crop plants, and house plants, and landscaping plants. A better understanding of this law can greatly help to optimize the use of fertilizers and composts. Resultantly, growers can enjoy better yield and economical returns due to plant fusion nutrition. This law is essentially conjectured about the growth factors and crop responses to the nutrient deficiencies and resuming the normal applications of the required number of fertilizers. It is not only important to produce more yield, and profit but is also essentially important for the management of ecosystem functioning, and environmental management. Also Like: Role of Zn for Life and Zn

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