Eliminating Hidden Hunger by Using Biofortified Seeds

Biofortified Seeds for Hidden Hunger Elimination in World

Nutrition-rich seeds are much beneficial for combating micronutrient malnutrition and hidden hunger elimination in human beings. Food security can be achieved by many folds by improvement of seed vigor which ultimately leads towards improved crop productivity. Fewer amounts of micronutrients in seeds directly affect the seed vigor and seedlings’ vivacity. Vitality is decreased due to the sowing of poor quality seeds in nutrition poor soils. The use of biofortified seeds is greatly helpful for hidden hunger elimination across the globe.

Production of Nutrient-Rich Grains for Hidden Hunger Elimination

Wheat seeds containing enough amount of zinc when grown in soil produced healthy and vigorous plants and bigger grains. Better fertilizer efficiency can be achieved by utilization of efficient genotypes and more harvest index can be produced under deficient conditions. Thereby, utilization of these nutrient-rich grains is essentially helpful for hidden hunger elimination.

Improving Seedling Vigors and Viability for Hidden Hunger Elimination

By increasing the concentration of micronutrients in seeds seedling viability and vigor are enhanced which increases the seedlings’ performance in micronutrient deficient soils. So in the soils lacking the micronutrients more healthy and dense roots are produced scavenging more soil volume for water and other nutrients. Like This: How to Make High Quality Phosphorus Fertilizer DIY

Mainly the people suffering from micronutrient malnutrition are belonging to those areas where the soil is deficient in micronutrients so the sowing of biofortified seeds can cause significant positive effects to increase the food quantity and quality.

Importance of Using Biofortified Seeds for Crops

Seeds with more amount of mineral nutrients will produce more viable and vigorous seedlings. These seeds can be sown in the soils with depleted micronutrient contents and they can produce denser soil stands and exhibit faster root establishment. They are more resistant to diseases leading towards better plant survival.

Attaining Healthy and Uniform Vegetation

Healthy and uniform vegetation cover can be achieved by using fewer seeds. As compared to the seeds with fewer micronutrient stores the biofortified seeds can improve productivity. The development of micronutrient dense seeds could be a better and sustainable option for getting better production in the nutrients depleted soils causing an increased turnover. Also Like: Brownian Motion in Chemistry

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